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If not you, then who?

That famous saying goes on to say "if not now, then when?" And do you know what? It's not only timeless and spot on, but it's especially timely for the days we're living in right now in Hong Kong.

Now is the time more than ever that your customers need to know where YOU stand, meaning RIGHT THERE with them, supporting them, understanding them, feeling their pain and frustration, and continuing to stand ready to serve and deliver. Loyalty is always most important during times of crisis, and here's your chance to turn a real problem into a real opportunity.

Taking the time to reach out and communicate these kinds of thoughts to your customers, without a sales or political message, will not only resonate with them, but will reinforce an image in their minds that you really DO care, and not just about sales, but about THEM. After all, who is suffering most, at least financially during this crisis? Retailers and F&B. So it would be natural and understandable for you to try and boost sales to overcome the crisis. And that's what customers might expect from you. I say...give them what they DO NOT expect! Empathy, undertstanding, shared pain, and of course long term committment.

If you're committed to the long run, as you should be, then you're going to need the loyalty of your customers more than ever once things begin returning to "normal". What better way to cement their loyalty by showing your understanding and support and putting the focus squarely on THEM instead of yourself?

They won't forget. Trust me on that one. Been there, done that. Want details? Drop me a note or give me a call.


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