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Wellness Is Coming Soon To Datatrade!

We're excited! There's a real buzzing around the offices, people are talking, and spirits are high! Why? Because Datatrade Group will soon be unveiling its Wellness Division, with a collection of high-quality products and services that will be available to our clients and their customers, friends, family, and the general public who are interested in leveling up their overall wellness.

Living through and surviving the past 2+ years of pandemic and restrictions, all of us now know how important wellness is, and that wellness is a 360-degree consideration, so it's not just physical health or mental health. Our objectives will be to bring a full wellness solution that can be added to your loyalty program, offered as a stand-alone, become a subscription program, and more. Total wellness with total flexibility. Our commitment to build your retention, increase loyalty and WOM, and most importantly grow your bottom line will be made even stronger with this important new Wellness Division.

Stay tuned! Coming Soon!


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