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"Dear Valued Customer?"

Good grief! How many times and in how many different ways can companies turn off their best customers? The answer seems to be "in endless ways"!

Just yesterday I received an email from a company of which I've been a customer (a really really good customer) for almost 20 years. Yup, twenty years. Not only a customer, but a member of their so-called loyalty program. I say so-called because it's not really an incentive packed program that drives loyalty, at least in my professional, if somewhat jaded opinion.

So imagine my surprise and indignation when I opened said message and was greeted with the generic "Dear Valued Customer"! A natural first thought of ANY customer would be "if I'm such a valued customer then how come you don't even know my name?" As a long time customer and program member however I found this inexcusable. In today's environment, with the wide range of technological tools, sophisticated platforms, data-driven and AI supported solutions, to greet a customer in this manner is truly outrageous and self-defeating.

Having been on the client side for many years I understand the internal debate about cost versus reward, and it applies to the cost of personalization all the time. It's difficult for internal folks to create the justification for the expense by showing an increase in SOMETHING, so they often lose the battle.

We can help show you how to quantify the value of personalization, and demonstrate that the rewards far outweigh the costs.

Be honest...are YOU still making this rookie mistake? There's really no need to continue...give me a call or drop me a note and I'll help get you turned around.


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