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The Flipside - Finding Opportunities in Today's Problems

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

Have any of you read a great book called "The Flipside - Finding the Hidden Opportunities in Life"? It's by Adam J. Jackson, a well-known therapist. As a psychologist myself, I read a lot of books, but must say that this one is a keeper that can and should be read multiple times.

What made me think of this is our current situation in Hong Kong and all the "problems" associated with the situation. We all have a list of these items, from the most troublesome and worrisome to the ones that simply inconvenience our daily lives. Sort of a rank order.

In our businesses we're facing the exact same issues, except perhaps on a larger scale. But if you subscribe to the statement that "a problem is just the flipside of an opportunity" (and you SHOULD subscribe to that philosophy), then you might be equipped to find multiple opportunities in our current climate.

We have already helped clients turn current problems into opportunities, and with loyalty and retention programs that are well planned, well managed, and meaningful/relevant to customers, there are PLENTY of opportunities to be had right now today. Yes, really.

Don't think so? Just drop me a note or give me a call and I'll enlighten you (if you can't figure it out by yourself that is...).

Make today a great one!


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