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Updated: Aug 26, 2019

Let's be honest. Unless you're running an NGO or other not-for-profit organization we all have similar objectives. First and foremost is to create profitable revenue. How do we do that? The only way possible, by first acquiring, and then retaining customers. As my daughters would duh!

At the Datatrade Group, we've been helping clients #acquire and #retain customers for over 36 years, and over that time we've certainly learned a few tricks of the trade that we'd like to begin sharing with you all via this blog. One of the most valuable things we've learned over that time period is that a well thought through, well executed #loyaltyprogram can work wonders for both customer acquisition and retention. As a result, that's now our sweet spot, and we've been creating, executing, and managing such successful programs for many of the biggest and most well-known names in most industry verticals.

Gene Raitt, Chairman Datatrade Group
Gene Raitt, Chairman Datatrade Group

Those of you who know me, might remember that I used to be a practicing psychologist back in the day, and some of these "tricks" referred to above come directly from our understanding of #consumerbehavior, consumer psychology, and behavior modification techniques applied directly to business development.

Over the coming weeks and months I'll be sharing many tips with you, and invite any of you to contact me directly for a deeper understanding of the scientific or tested validation of these business building tips.

Here's a little teaser for what to watch out for in my next post...random reinforcement schedule. Be on the lookout!


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Unknown member
Aug 26, 2019

Very informative. Thank you.

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