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AWOL!!! (But YOU no longer need to be thanks to #FREEMONEY!)

Yup, I know, I know. I've been gone a long time, and for that I apologize! I could say that it was the whole COVID-19 syndrome and take the easy way out, but that wouldn't be honest. The sad truth is that I'm just as lazy as the next person! And of course, when you add in the very real COVID-19 situation, the fact that I have a very heavy teaching schedule at HKUST, a "day" job here at Datatrade, and other responsibilities, I could come up with many valid sounding and believable excuses.

But no, dear reader, it's no more complicated than me USING all those above mentioned "reasons" as excuses to NOT do something that I SHOULD have been doing. And guess what? That brings me to the real point of today's blog post...not putting off launching or expanding your #customerloyaltyprogram because you also think you have the best excuse possible, lack of budget. As of today however, LACK OF BUDGET IS NO LONGER AN EXCUSE!

Why? Well, the easiest answer is that thanks to the Hong Kong Government, we now have available something called the #DistanceBusinessProgramme. It's truly a wonderful thing for all small and medium sized businesses! (We'll come back to the bigger businesses in my next post!)

The #DistanceBusinessProgramme will provide up to HK$300,000 for the development of ANY digital subscription based service that you need to enhance or expand your business. It's a grant, so totally free! And of course, what would immediately come to mind if you had that money? That's right, #SMARTLoyaltyHub+, which is a perfect match for the #DBizProgramme!

In order to qualify, you need to submit an application, along with a business plan and a quote from a government approved supplier (that would be us #Datatrade of course!). The process is relatively simple, but to make it even MORE simple for you we will handle the entire process with your review and approval. Nothing could be easier, and nothing can now prevent you from launching or expanding your #customerretention and customer loyalty programs.

Who doesn't want FREE MONEY? But like all good things, this is a time-limited offer by the government, and will expire at the earliest of either running out of the appropriated funds or mid-October. So as always, the time to act is NOW! Give us a call or drop us a note and we will walk you through the entire process, provide you 100% of the documentation necessary to submit, and then build you a customized, quality #loyaltysolution for your business.

I was AWOL, but now there's no excuse for anyone else to also be AWOL.

And for you guys with larger, more complex businesses and challenges? Well, there's a couple of Hong Kong Government programs especially designed to accomodate YOUR needs as well, and I will cover them in detail in my next blog post, so please be on the lookout!


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