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Coming Soon! "Brand Boosters", A Timely Blog by Coral Puig Garrigo!

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

Many clients have asked me, over the years, how important is my brand for #customerretention? Of course it's important, and perhaps today more than ever before. Why? Because #branding has evolved beyond just a name, logo, and mission statement, into an area we now call #brandactivism.

Customers today, perhaps for the very first time, want to know, in fact demand to know "what does your brand STAND for?" Customers feel more comfortable associating with brands that reflect their own values and standards.

We feel so fortunate to have added Coral to our team as a Senior Advisor on Brands, Branding, and Brand Activism, and how each can add to your customer retention and #acquisitionstrategy. Coral will be sharing her thoughts and ideas with you in the coming weeks and months, and of course we'd really like to see you in person to demonstrate how our totally integrated approach, driven by tailored technology can drive positive change to your top and bottom lines, all at the most cost-efficient pricing available in the market today.

Coral is an internationally recognized expert on this topic, and has run businesses globally focused on branding. She is also an Adjunct Professor at HKUST where she teaches branding.

Give us a call to set something up with Coral. You won't be disappointed!


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